Creating Custom Controls Part 2: SliderView

Hey Guys!

In the first part of this series of articles about creating custom controls, we learned how to create an ExtendedListView that supports Infinite Scrolling and Commands to handle business logic directly on our ViewModels.

In this article we are going to see our next use case which is creating a Custom Stepper + CarouselView (SliderView) to support sliders in our Xamarin Forms Apps.

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Let’s Create A Xamarin Plugin

Hey Guys!

Recently, I have received a few messages from the community asking me mostly 2 questions: “How were you able to create 2 Xamarin Plugins in the last few months” and “What was your experience while creating them, what tools did you use?”, so this week’s post is inspired by those two questions and I will do my best to answer them fully, hoping that by the end of this post you can make your own plugin too and contribute something new for all of us in the community! 😊

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Creating Custom Controls Part 1: ExtendedListView Endless Scrolling + TappedCommand

Hey Guys!

Lately, I have been seeing members of the community asking around for custom views for different use cases, so I have decided to make a series of 3 parts, In which I will be creating different custom controls to demonstrate how Xamarin gives us the power to customize and add all the functionality we may need to the basic controls we already have available, giving you the ability complimented with some time to have some thoughts on how to create some really interesting and useful components for your apps.

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