Hey Guys!

This post officially starts my blogging journey, this blog is going to be the space where I’m going to share all of the cool and interesting things I have learned through these past few years as a Software Engineer, Mobile Developer and just about anything you would like me to talk about and share with the community, ranging from fundamentals of Software Engineer all the way to IoT and new technologies that peak our interest.

PD: Anything I write on my blog is not written on stone or sent directly from heaven as the 100% correct way of doing things, my main goal is to just share my experience and collaborate with the community on topics that interest me, so if you find something that is not quite right and can be improved or you have a different point of view on it. Please add a comment and let’s discuss the topic, I would be more than eager to do so!

Well that’s it for my first post, I hope you enjoy the content I will be sharing and that we can all learn and improve together through the blog. And remember you can always catch up with me at the next compilation break! 😛

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