Consuming RESTFul API’s with Refit – Xamarin Forms / Orlando Code Camp 2019

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On Saturday 30th of March, I had the opportunity of participating in the 14th edition of Orlando Code Camp, one-day learning event driven by a group of dedicated volunteers and speakers for programming professionals and students with a focus on coding, databases and related technologies, concepts and practices. I got the chance to talk about Consuming RESTFul API’s with Refit.

Event name:                                    Orlando Code Camp, March 2019

Talk Title:                                     Consuming RESTFul API’s with Refit 

Description:                                     We learned about Refit and all the goodies it provides us to turn our API’s into a live interface that we can interach with in our Xamarin Mobile App’s.

Language:                                        English


My participation was on the Xamarin/Mobile Development Track, I got to meet the Orlando Community and we learned about Refit and all it provides us for transforming our RESTFul API’s into a live interface inside our Xamarin Forms App’s, allowing us to communicate seamlessly with our services mapping to our endpoints meeting all requirements of the request by configuring our interfaces with attributes to tailer it to our needs.

I really enjoyed getting to meet all the cool tech people down in the Orlando Community, they were all unique and awesome in what they do starting from the attendees, volunteers and all the way to the speaker line up. Had a blast meeting new speaker friends and learning a bunch of insights in all their fields of work, one of my biggest remarks was learning about Phd research based on AR Technology from a new friend of mine and fellow speaker Andres Vargas, he has done great work and I’m glad I could get to attend his talk to learn about the process one has to go through to complete such an amazing journey like that. Some other great remarks was meeting some of my new Xamarin Buddies Brandon Minnick and Mark Radacz and just getting to talk about all the Xamarin goodies that are to come and how we are using the tech in our daily basis and were we see it headed.

This are just a few of the great experiences and people I got to meet at the Orlando Code Camp and I’m really thankful for the opportunity of engaging with that awesome community and seeing first hand the great organization of the event and all of the cool people that came down to hang with us. got to meet amazing attendees and volunteers that love to learn and share knowledge from different backgrounds, if you ever have the chance don’t miss out on attending or speaking at this great event in the future, because you won’t regret it, I know I didn’t! Orlando Code Camp Rocks! 😛

Topics discussed on the Live presentation

  • What are RESTFul Services?
    • What does REST stand for?
    • Main Features of REST Services.
    • Representations, Messages and URI’s
  • Libraries to consume RESTFul Services
  • Refit Library
    • Refit Features
    • How to Setup?
    • Permissions
    • Creating our API Services as a live Interface
  • Live Demo on how to use Refit in our Xamarin Forms App’s.


Pictures of event

Attended with ❤ by Pujolsluis

Good References to learn more about Consuming RESTFul Services with Refit

  • Refit Library Github Repo:

  • XamGirl Refit Guides:

  • Refit Live Demo Project

Author: Pujolsluis

I'm Luis Pujols a Software Engineer originally from the Dominican Republic. I currently work at CrossGeeks as part of an awesome team, developing in Xamarin Forms, and I'm currently working towards my certification on it as well. In my free time, I'm co-organizer of the DotNetDo software community, I also enjoy experimenting with new tech's, mentoring peers and attending or organizing software community events.

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