LinkedIn Client Plugin For Xamarin

LinkedIn Plugin Xamarin Forms

Just released the LinkedIn Client Plugin, it makes the process of authenticating a user across Xamarin Forms, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS with LinkedIn SDK easier.

Set Up

The setup process for the plugin is pretty simple and it’s well documented on the LinkedIn Client Plugin GitHub page. you can complete the Setup process following these steps:

  • Install the nugget package into your PCL project and Client projects.

Use It

You just have to use LinkedInClient.Current


Here is an example of how to launch the login to the LinkedIn Client:


This method returns a LinkedInResponse object which contains the basic profile of the user that was authenticated as a string of raw JSON on its Data Property, this response class has the following structure:


Here is an example of how to log out of the LinkedIn Client:


Get Extra Fields from User Profile

You have a public method available that allows you to get extra information you might need from the user profile, just send a list of strings with the fields you require. (List of available fields)

Available Properties

  • ActiveToken (Signed In user Token)
  • TokenExpirationDate (Signed In user Token Expiration Date)


All async methods also trigger events:

Official Google Sign In SDK Documentation:

Full documentation of the project:

Xamarin Forms sample project:

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