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Hey Guys!

The last Tuesday, I had the opportunity of participating on a great initiative of the Xamarin LATAM Community lead by Luis Beltrán, that has the objective of sharing knowledge monthly with the community online, I got the chance to talk about Live-streaming on Xamarin Forms using the newly pre-release Wowza Client Plugin.

Event name:                                    Xamarin Online LATAM Fest, February 2019

LIVE Name:                                     Streaming on Xamarin Forms    

Description:                                    I got to speak about Wowza Media Services, how to manage your live stream workflow and showcase a live demo of the new plugin we recently released to make use of this awesome services directly on Xamarin Forms.

Language:                                        Spanish

Participating countries:            LATAM Countries (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, among others).

Live Session link:                     

My participation was on February 26, the community was really interested on seeing first hand how this new live-streaming service plugin worked and how could they leverage it on their Xamarin Forms projects, so I decided to base my topic for the session on it, focusing only on the nature of Live-streaming workflow, what do we have currently available on the pre-release of the Wowza Client plugin and a demo to show case how can we install and use it.

I also got to talk a bit about a previous post, I created as a Startup guide for using the plugin which you can find here:

Topics discussed on the Live presentation

  • What is Live-streaming?
    • What is the workflow we follow to create a live-streaming?
    • Components involved in creating your live-streaming.
  • What is Wowza Media Services?
    • How does Wowza work?
    • How to can we use it on Xamarin Forms?
  • Wowza Client Plugin by CrossGeeks.
  • Live Demo on how to use the plugin and live stream your first session.


Pictures of live event

Attended with ❤ by Pujolsluis

Good References to learn more Wowza Media Services and the Xamarin Plugin

  • Wowza Media Services Website:

  • Wowza Client Plugin Github Repo:

  • Wowza Client Plugin For Xamarin [PRE-RELEASE] Post – Pujolsluis

  • Streaming on Xamarin Forms – Xamarin Online LATAM Fest [Video]

Author: Pujolsluis

I'm Luis Pujols a Software Engineer originally from the Dominican Republic. I currently work at CrossGeeks as part of an awesome team, developing in Xamarin Forms, and I'm currently working towards my certification on it as well. In my free time, I'm co-organizer of the DotNetDo software community, I also enjoy experimenting with new tech's, mentoring peers and attending or organizing software community events.

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